You're over 60 - so what?

It's time to LET YOUR HAIR DOWN!!!

If you feel unprepared for your next chapter, I'd love to support you.
Let's laugh together, cry together, learn together,
succeed together, and even dance really badly together.

Are you ready?! Let's ROCK !


A Little About Me 
Shy and introverted, I found solace in the solitude of my home, immersed in my own world. However, in 2020 as lives changed everywhere, an unexpected wave of sadness and depression washed over me. Fueled by a sudden crazy urge, I set up my phone on a tripod and began dancing—imperfectly. Well, really badly actually. I posted the video online, venturing outside my comfort zone, and was amazed by the supportive community that embraced my madness.
This marked the beginning of my journey as the new Vicki Over Sixty. TikTok became a way for me to spread joy, transcending my shy nature. It was liberating to realise that the camera lens provided a platform to touch the hearts of others. Encouraged by the positive response, I combined my shocking dance moves with my other passions—brain health fitness, essential oils and healthy aging. Now, in my 60's, I am one of 2 Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness trainers in Australia. Additionally, because emotional fitness is also a measure of ageing well, I hold a practitioner qualification in Egyptian Emotional Clearing, enabling me to help others release trapped emotions and become their true selves. Witnessing their transformations fills me with immense joy and fuels my dedication. I have learned that the power of movement, essential oils, emotional healing, and even my own imperfect dancing can harmoniously ignite inner growth and positive change, leaving a brighter smile on the faces of so many.


Feel into your emotions, release those 
things that are holding you back,
and feel the JOY in life again.
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Age can't stop you, so what is?
If you're ready to feel the freedom
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